Tricks to Playing Blackjack


Traditionally, Blackjack is played with a single deck of cards. Online casinos are starting to offer larger deck sizes. This means that card counting isn’t always as effective as it once was. However, there are still several tricks that can be applied to the game. In addition, there are various types of games to choose from, so you need to know what to look for before you play.

The goal of a Blackjack game is to beat the dealer. You can do this by getting a higher total score than the dealer without going over 21. If you do, you win. If you do not, you tie the dealer and lose.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. Generally, the rules of the game are pretty straightforward. For example, the ace can be valued either as one or eleven points. The dealer and the player are dealt two cards each. The dealer’s first card is face down and the dealer’s second is slid under the first card. The dealer then checks the second card to see if it is blackjack. If it is, the hand is complete. If it isn’t, the bet is returned to the player.

There are also a number of side bets available on the Blackjack table. This includes side bets that are available on the dealer busting, on the dealer showing an ace or a pair of tens, and on the number of cards in the deck. The payout on these side bets varies from casino to casino. For instance, if you bet on a single deck, you’ll be paid at a lower rate than if you bet on a multi-deck game. This means that you need to know which casinos are offering which rewards.

You can also split a pair of tens. Most casinos will only allow you to split a pair of tens if they are of the same rank. This is a good strategy if you have a bad set of cards. If you split a pair of aces, you’ll likely end up with a much better hand. You will be offered even money for your bet if your aces show up. Some casinos will restrict the amount you can split a pair of aces.

The other big trick of the game is to decide whether or not to double your bet. If you think you have a good hand, you can make an extra wager, but if you think you are going to lose, then you should just fold. This is especially helpful if the dealer is showing an ace. You can also choose to surrender, which will reclaim half of your bet.

You can also try out the Wonging method of betting. This is a nifty trick where you watch the cards being played and then act on the ones you like. The Wonging method has its drawbacks, but it can be a great way to reduce your bet spread and still play.